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Choosing a Good Acupuncturist in Abbotsford, BC


Abbotsford, BC has a number of options for high quality acupuncturists if you are looking.  Abbotsford is a city with a metro population of about 170,000 people.  It is located right up to the US border, at the very southern end of British Columbia.

Acupuncturists are easy to find overall, just make a Google search and you’ll no doubt see tons of results.  However, finding good acupuncturists can be increasingly difficult.  That’s why I always recommend using an acupuncture directory to find the best results.

You can find a directory listing for Abbotsford, British Columbia to give you a starting location for your search.  Sadly, from here on out you will have to do some personal research in order to truly make a good decision.

Check how long the practitioner has been practicing overall.  With it’s rise in popularity in recent years, a crop of inexperienced acupuncturists have popped up.  It’s best to find someone who has more experience, especially with the delicacy of acupuncture.  Hitting the pressure points is a delicate art, and inexperienced practitioners will miss often.

Second, inquire as to whether they do acupuncture or if it is their main focus.  Often times, they will practice acupuncture in addition to physio-therapy or other practices.  While this is fine sometimes, it does present the possibility that this person does not practice very often, and is either rusty or simply to inexperienced to achieve ideal results.

Lastly, check reviews where ever you can find them (as goes with just about anything).  The best indicator of sub-par performance is previous customers.  If they have a lack of reviews or a lack of an online presence, it could indicate that their practice is new and hasn’t had the time to build a reputation yet.  Aim for an experienced practitioner over a fresh one.

Abbotsford has a number of promising practitioners, so do your research to find the best alternative.

Where is Healthcare Most Affordable?


The US is renowned (in a bad way) for it’s healthcare costs worldwide.  The reputation is sky-high prices that are aggravated by the privately run healthcare system where profits are at premium.  But what we rarely hear about is the opposite: where is healthcare the most affordable?

Some of the locations may surprise you.  Many countries have great healthcare at a fraction of the cost of the US, which raises the question of whether the US private system is truly effective or not.  None the less, let’s get on to the meat of the article.

Cuba for example, has an excellent healthcare system.  They are a popular destination for medical tourism all across Latin America, and this could extend to the United State with relations between the countries improving.  Cuba is known for it’s qualified medical professionals and modern procedures that by some metrics even outdo the American system, and provide good comparison to most developed countries.

Mexico has a surprisingly strong medical system as well.  Now this fact is not lost on Americans, where it is already a thriving medical tourist destination.  Dental procedures are also very common in Mexico.

Singapore is ranked by the World Health Organization as having the third most affordable healthcare system.  They utilize a unique system that involves blending the private and public healthcare in order to provide a unique mix.  The result has apparently been a success, since their system is thriving and is highly-rated worldwide.  It’s also extremely popular for medical tourism, largely because it’s the very possibly the most safe and developed country with highly affordable care.  The hotels and surroundings will be top-notch as well.